School Rules

  1. Parents/Guardians regulations of the school In case of any dispute, the decision of the principal will be final AND binding on them
  2. Throughout his/her stay in the school, a student will be governed by the strict code of discipline of the school
  3. A minimum of 80% attendance is a must for promotion to next class
  4. Every student shall always carry the identity card with him/her.
  5. All students shall converse only in English on the school campus.
  6. All students shall follow the school dress code in letter and in spirit
  7. An act of indiscipline may lead to expulsion of child from the school.
  8. The school /hostel fee will be charged for the entire span of twelve months irrespective of the date of admission to the school.
  9. If a student wants to change the school, he/she will submit the application for SLC before 31st March otherwise one month fee, the annual and other charges applicable will be realized
  10. BREAKAGES: In case of breakage of any school property due to careless / negligence of any students , the parents of the concerned students will have to pay the cost of replacement of the equipment / property damage
  11. LOST AND FOUND ARTICLES: The School is not liable to pay or compensate for any articles lost by the students; parents are advised not to send expensive items with their wards. However, they can visit the Lost & Found Room to search the missing items/articles.
  12. SCHOOL DUES: School dues are payable quarterly by the 10th of first month of Each quarter. If the 10th of the month happens to be a holiday, then payment is to be made by the previous working day of the month.
  13. LATEFEE CHARGES: Late fee charges shall be levied from 11th of the month in which the school dues are to be paid, till the end of the month f the dues are not cleared even by the date, the name of the student will be struck off he role Re admission may be allowed, at the discretion of principal, only after payment of all dues including late fee along with 50 % of the normal Admission fee, and subject to availability of a seat in the concerned class.
  14. DISHONOURED CHEQUES: In such cases, charges equal to 10 % of the amount of the cheque will be payable over an above amount of the cheque along Banker's cheque/Pay order WITHDRAWAL
    1. If a child has to withdraw from the School, at least one month notice in writing is required. In case of failure, one month fee will be charged.
    2. Caution money, if any, will be refunded at the time of withdrawal of the child from the school on production of the Caution Money Deposit receipt along with an application on the prescribed form, provided all school dues have been paid in full or settled satisfactorily Refund of caution money will have to be claimed with in the year of the date of withdrawal of the child from the school
    3. Transfer Certificate shall be issued only when the Account Officer receives the duly completed clearance form.
    1. Every student is expected to maintain an attendance record of at least 70% during the academic year failing which he/she may not be allowed to sit in the annual examination.
    2. A proper leave application must be submitted in writing by the parent to principal, in case of absence. This should be supported by a medical certificate.
    3. Repeated absent without permission or unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the students liable to have he / her name struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the principal