Biology Lab



The biology lab at GD Goenka Public school, Panipat is a portal to a world unseen! Unlike classrooms with textbooks and lectures, the biology lab is a hands-on environment where science comes alive. At our school`s lab, students get to conduct experiments, dissect specimens, and use microscopes to observe the wonders of the natural world first hand. This active learning approach solidifies understanding and fosters a sense of discovery.

Through microscopes, students get witness the intricate details of living organisms, bringing biology concepts to life in a captivating way. Beyond acquiring knowledge, biology labs nurture valuable scientific skills. Students learn to formulate hypotheses, follow procedures meticulously, record observations accurately, and draw conclusions based on their findings.
These skills are a stepping stone to critical thinking and problem-solving in all areas of life. Our curriculum also includes working in pairs or groups. This fosters collaboration, communication, and the ability to share ideas effectively. Students learn to delegate tasks, troubleshoot problems together, and celebrate successes as a team. 
Goenka school offers a biology lab which is more than just a place to learn about science, rather it's a launchpad for exploration, discovery, and a deeper appreciation for the fascinating world of biology.

Admissions are open for 2024-25

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