GD Goenka Public school, Panipat follows a progressive pedagogy that emphasizes on both academic excellence and holistic development. We understand the onus which lies on our shoulder and are conscious of the expectations of the parents and guardians. Therefore, keeping everything in mind, we chart out rigorous and brain storming teaching sessions in a way that imparts full and in depth knowledge to all our students. Our sole aim is to serve and make our students adapt to the best teaching and learning practices & prepare them for a dynamic future. Our approach incorporates elements like:

  • Child-centered learning:Students are active participants in the learning process, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Theme-based learning:Subjects are interconnected to create a more comprehensive understanding of the world.
  • Project-based learning:Students delve into projects that allow them to apply their knowledge and creativity.
  • Experiential learning:Hands-on activities and real-world applications solidify learning and make it more engaging.

This blend of traditional and contemporary methods aims to nurture well-rounded individuals prepared for the future.
We enable our children to meet their developmental milestones in respect to their aspects of their growth like Emotional quotient, Intelligence quotient, Technological quotient, Physical Quotient.
The school is highly appreciated for its endeavour to help the tiny tots take their first step in the field of academics. Our playschool is uniquely designed to keep the beginners ahead of their counterparts, keeping in mind the changing demands of the curriculum. Sound recognition, dictation, intonation and pronunciation are greatly stressed upon. This goes on to make us the best play school in Panipat.

The school offers the following streams to Class XI and XII students

  • Medical:-Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English
  • Non-Medical:- Chemistry, Physics, Math, English
  • Commerce:-English, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics
  • Humanities:-English, History, Pol. Science, Geography, Economics
  • Optional Subjects:- IT, IP, Physical Education, Music, Painting (Fine Arts)

We plan to continue building on our strengths and be the school of choice for parents from India looking to expose their children to an educational experience that is uniquely Indian but incorporating international best practices.

Admissions are open for 2024-25

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