While academics are essential, sports play a vital part for a well-rounded education. They promote not only physical fitness but also mental well-being by reducing stress and building resilience. Teamwork, leadership, and social skills blossom on the field or court, while the discipline and focus honed through sports can benefit students in the classroom as well. From building strong bodies to fostering a love of learning, sports in school play a key role in shaping successful young individuals.
Sports hold a prominent place in our school`s curriculum and hence, immense stress is laid on regular games and sports being played by the students at GD Goenka to keep them physically fit and mentally alert. GD Goenka school Panipat has included various sports activities for the students to choose and learn from. Each sport has an assigned coach for guiding, training and mentoring the students for that particular sport.
The school also conducts various inter house competitions and takes part in Inter-School competitions regularly for continuously challenging the students and improving them for higher tournaments. All the students are given equal opportunity to learn and take part in the competitions.

Swimming is one of the most loved sport at GD Goenka School, Panipat. With two indoor pools—a semi-Olympic sized pool for seniors and a splash pool for juniors and a professional coach on staff, the school offers an interesting opportunity for the students to learn swimming and train for swimming tournaments. We aim to make the students practise regularly with the aim to build their technique and prepare them to compete at regional, state, and national level. Our school also conducts district-level competition for swimming in our indoor pool, thereby giving our students the exposure and experience of such competitions.

The School has recently introduced Archery in the curriculum to teach a new sport which helps the students develop self-control, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. Our goal is to develop the next generation of archery champions by providing them with top-notch instruction by a trained coach and cutting-edge equipment.

Shooting is another sport taught at GD Goenka School, Panipat. With the help of shooting equipment and trained coach, Goenka aims to teach this sport to all the students who are keen on learning this sport. Our coach provides targeted instructions with the goal to train and mentor the students while informing them about the safety instructions as well. Our students have won several awards at national and international level.

Badminton has always been popular, whether it is played on tiny streets or in large sports academies. Our school acknowledges the importance of this sport and thereby have built an indoor-synthetic badminton court for the students to play badminton. Under the guidance of the badminton coach, the students learn the rules, technique and other aspects of this sport. The school conducts inter-house badminton competition every year for the students to participate and compete with one another.

GD Goenka School, Panipat is renowned for its exceptional athletic performance in various competitions. An excellent 400-meter athletic track including facilities for all track and field sports as well as a pavilion for spectators has been built at the school premises for the students. The excitement of both competitors and spectators is particularly evident during the inter-house athletic meet which is conducted every year by the school.

Since yoga is considered as a valuable practice for our life, it as a sport at our school. We frequently do asanas, power yoga, rope yoga, and meditation under the direction of our coach. Yoga helps to maintain a good physical as well as mental health of the students. Students at our school are given mats to use during practices and are made to participate in a number of events all year long.

Kabaddi at GD Goenka School Panipat is played with immense enthusiasm by our students. Students receive instruction in the principles of tackling, raiding, and defensive tactics from our certified coach. Along with increasing physical strength and agility, this activity fosters competitive spirit, strategic thinking, collaboration, and cooperation among our students.

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