Physics Lab



The physics lab at GD Goenka public school is a playground for testing the laws of the universe through experimentation. It's a place where bridge between theory and application solidifies understanding and makes physics more engaging.

The students get to build circuits, test the laws of motion with ramps and inclined planes, and explore the properties of light and sound through practical experiments. Furthermore, students get to learn proper measurement techniques, data collection methods, and how to interpret the results – all essential skills for scientific inquiry. The school lab provides a place for problem-solving and a place for students to work in a team by putting in collaborative efforts. With providing all the necessary equipment for the physics labs, Goenka school aims to allow students to explore phenomena beyond everyday experience, thereby motivating students to delve deeper into the fascinating world governed by physics.
The physics lab is a transformative space. It's where students don't just learn physics; they become mini-scientists, actively testing, analysing, and ultimately gaining a deeper appreciation for the amazing world around them.

Admissions are open for 2024-25

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