Thank you for your interest in working at GD Goenka Public School

GD Goenka Public School Panipat is different by design.  We are a family school which values the things which make each of us distinctively brilliant.  Our commitment to each other is to help every member of our community strive for their vision of success – to take a wider view of what their personal ambitions are.
Our values are Ambitious, Open, Distinctive and Courageous.  They speak to who we are and who we strive to be; whether you are a pupil, teacher, staff member, alumni or volunteer.  Our values help to guide us in our learning together and also as we navigate our way through life.

Openness, diversity and inclusiveness are integral to the GD Goenka community. We hold a collective commitment to maintain an environment where all differences are valued, practices are equitable and everyone experiences a sense of belonging — where we are inspired to collaborate and lead inclusively every day.