Chemistry Lab



The chemistry lab at GD Goenka public school, Panipat is a place where bubbling concoctions, flickering flames, and the faint scent of chemicals come together to create a world of discovery for our students. At our lab, students move beyond memorizing formulas and reactions on paper, instead they get to mix chemicals, observe their interactions first hand, and witness the fascinating world of chemical reactions in action. This hands-on approach solidifies understanding and makes learning far more engaging.

The chemistry lab is a place where safety is paramount. Students at our school learn proper safety protocols, how to handle chemicals responsibly, and the importance of following procedures meticulously. This not only protects them but also instils a sense of discipline and respect for the power of chemistry. In the lab, students hone their measurement skills using graduated cylinders, balances, and other instruments. They learn to record data accurately and interpret the results of their experiments, developing critical skills essential for scientific inquiry. The chemistry lab teaches students valuable problem-solving skills with collaborative group efforts. They learn to troubleshoot issues, adapt their procedures, and analyse their findings critically, fostering a scientific approach to challenges.

The chemistry lab at Goenka is more than just a place to learn about elements and compounds. It's a platform for experimentation, discovery, and fostering a deeper understanding of the fascinating world of chemical reactions. It's where students transform from passive learners to active investigators, unravelingĀ the mysteries of the chemical world.

Admissions are open for 2024-25

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