Smart Class

Goenkan pattern of teaching demands audio-visual tools and so we have Smart boards installed in each and every classroom to make the teaching and training sessions more interactive, illustrative and interesting. In this modern world, when students get attached to technology so soon, smart board teaching has proved to be a boon for an educational institution…


A well spacious, well-lit, centrally air-conditioned, comfortable and hygienic Cafeteria provides all kinds of food and beverages catering to the needs of the students. The menu is thought up under the expert guidance of nutritionists, doctors and dieticians also considering the wishes of students and parents. Relevant food items are provided on festivals and events…


Classrooms at Goenka are not simply the rooms with boards but they are equipped with teaching aids such as Smart boards, Whiteboards and Bulletin Boards which enables the students to remain involved in teaching sessions. Goenkan pattern of teaching demands classroom boards to be filled with current academic topic and so the teachers always keep their boards up-to-date….

Computer Lab

In modern fast moving world, where world is computer centered, it is of utmost importance to train students to become computer-friendly. And so, the school provides all necessary equipment’s and competent teachers to nurture the students with computing skills….

Hygiene and Sanitation

Hygiene and Sanitation must be taken care of for balanced upbringing. Classrooms, corridors, cafeteria, hostel, medical room and washrooms are cleaned regularly. Aromatic and antiseptic liquid is used and school premises are maintained according to the international norms…

Language Lab

School has highly interactive Language Lab which contributes in development of all the four language skills of students; reading, writing, listening and speaking. Academics integrated with present day language requirements is the key feature…..


A well-lit and resourced library containing a comprehensive collection of books and resource material is at the disposal of students under experienced librarian assisting the pupils. The advanced digital library and e-library sections is the response to need of the times expanding the horizons of all learning beyond limits….

Medical Facilities

School has a hygienic and air-conditioned medical room equipped with required medicines. The qualified doctor looks after health and hygiene of the students. Apart from this, team of specialist doctors regularly monitor the students and take preventive and restrictive measures….


The school has appointed alert and responsible guards at the gate to screen the visitors and restrict the entry of unwanted people. Apart from the driver and conductor, a care taker is sent in every bus for safety and security of Goenkans…