Beyond Academics

Special Assemblies

Our School provides a very conducive atmosphere for our students to prove and showcase their talents – be that in Scholastic or co – scholastic areas like dance, music, drama, sports or academics. The school assembly is a very unique platform where individuals and groups, class and House groups get to speak, sing, perform and receive accolades. Throughout the year, special assemblies are also plannted to celebrate and commemorate festivals and events. We believe that school life is not just about doing well in class but also being helpful and mature socially and spiritually.

Most religious, cultural, social and National festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day, Diwali, Lohri, Christmas, Teachers Day , Children’s Day , Environment Day, Cancer Awareness Day are recognized and a small performance including oratory, music and drama is given.

Special assemblies are also held to help spread messages of social awareness. Anger Management, Saving the Planet, Conservation of Resources, Perils of Drug Addiction, Dangers of drunk driving, Addiction to Internet and Social Media, Motivational messages promoting relationships like parent children or teacher – student, these are some of the aspects of life that are covered through street plays, speeches or interactive presentations in the Special Assemblies.

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