GDGIS has a super-smart, well-equipped, well-organized, and air-conditioned computer lab where students can learn how to operate computers and leans about technological research. The computer lab always boosts up the scientific and invention capacity of the students. Like GD Goenka has an excelled educator of IT and Computer Science who teaches students from the scratch and takes them at a high level of computer education by inculcating all basics and professional practical knowledge into them. We know some organizations that can do only formality to teach Computers but here we have plenty of computer systems, proper sitting arrangements, and all related equipment. Somewhere the computer knowledge is essential for everyone. Even Computer lab is beneficial in free time also. Whenever the students are free or having any free lecture then they go to the computer laboratories. They just invest time in learning automation, programming, and just to improve the basic computer skills as well. As, everybody knows practice makes a man perfect. Similarly, here in computers, the more time students spend the more they can learn.

India has numerous best educational platforms and GD Goenka Public School Panipat is one of them.  So GDGIS is also providing all possible facilities to the students to enhance their learning and knowledge, the computer lab is one of them. The best residential schools in North India always maintain their international standards just to inculcate the knowledge in the students. The motive behind to provide the Computer labs in best International schools in India is only to inculcate technical knowledge in the students and uplift their level to the best in this modern technology growing world.

Benefits of Computer Labs:

  • Students can learn to code and also learn to build new educational applications too.
  • Teachers make them learn document writing and editing application just to create notes and assignments online.
  • They can learn to build websites and blogs for sharing their own experiences, thoughts, knowledge, and all.
  • They can learn Microsoft Office which includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and so on.
  • Students can also learn to use the internet in their daily lives. It teaches them how to use the internet, how to join online classes, how to create online email ids, how to make online spreadsheets, and all.
  • They can also practice and improve their Hindi, English typing skills.
  • They can build their vocabulary strong.
  • They can also learn about video conferencing with teachers, online education, and many other educational activities online.
  • They can also grab knowledge about artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, and cloud computing, and so many others.

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