The most important facilities which every big International school in North India must have on their campus and that is a medical room along with two or three professional doctors and proper comfy beddings. So that’s why GDGIS Panipat is also considered as one of the top residential schools in India that has the best medical facilities for the students and other staff too. We have a well equipped medical room along with a full-time doctor and trained nurses that may provide aid to the students in the time of emergency.

If in case the situation is out of control then GD Goenka Panipat owns an ambulance also and also has a tie-up with the best hospital in Panipat.  Schools put 100% effort in taking care of children and staff. Apart from this, the school also provides a regular check-up facility for the students just to keep them safe in all senses. But in some cases, like child health is being affected by some chronic diseases then staff will contact their parents too and ask them to reach school on an early basis.  Apart from this, all the expenses will be borne by the school which will use in the case of treatment in school premises.

As we know very well that school life is an important part of children’s life that impacts directly on children’s health either it is physical and mental health. In this age, health promotion and prevention are the most negligible part of the students but the school can take care of it. In maintaining this thing; schools can play a significant role in health promotion just because of two major reasons.

The first one is like the best international schools always offer structured opportunities for learning and secondly, the pupils spend a significant amount of their time in schools during which they can involve in all activities either they are in sports or in extra-curricular activities too. Best International schools medical facilities are always up to date and their main motive is just to take care of all children every time. A healthy body always leads a healthy lifestyle and it directly impacts good education also.

Somewhere children are also vulnerable to injuries and accidents. They never focus on their health and even they can always neglect minor injuries which result in severe accidents sometimes along with heavy bleeding and fractures. So that’s why top boarding schools in India always put this thing as first-aid management which is a must for a child. Likewise, children spend most of their daytime in schools and that time is considered as the riskiest time for them because they can study, they can experiment, and they can play.

Although, they can do a lot of activities. Overall, the majority of the injuries among children are directly related to outdoor physical activities which have to happen in the day time when students will go out for extra dynamic activities. So that’s why GD Goenka is the best because it offers outstanding medical facilities to the children in the school.

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